“All That Life” – Epiphany online, forthcoming 2022

“Diamonds” – Crab Creek Review, forthcoming 2022

“Rainbow”Six Sentences, April 2022

“Goodbye Joan”The Broadkill Review, April 2022

“On the Nature of Things”Paragraph Planet, March 13, 2022

“Reapings”Pidgeonholes, March 2022

“Phantoms”Ellipsis Zine, January 2022

“Fruit Flies”MoonPark Review, December 2021

“Chrysalis”Vestal Review, December 2021

“Midnight” & “The Allegory of the Cave” – Blink-Ink, December 2021 (print only)

“Down There” – Southern Indiana Review, July 2021 (print only)


“Pulp”Schuylkill Valley Journal online


“When tech execs would rather just not know” – The Boston Globe, December 2018

“Where in America is Joe Six-Pack?” – CBS News, October 2008

Data Science & Research

“How bad numbers are ruining your pitch deck” – Hacker Noon, February 2019

“What I Wish I’d Done Differently as a Data Science Manager” – Towards Data Science, April 2018

“How to Be Happy: Experiments in Tracking Mood and Energy” – Pebble Research Blog, June 2016

“Open, Collaborative, Crowdsourced: Meet the Pebble Health Wellness Platform” – Kickstarter, June 2016


“Vicki Gunvalson is My Oedipus” – Medium, June 2018

Weekly opinion / popular science column – The Diamondback, August – December 2008

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