Vicki Gunvalson is My Oedipus
Medium  |  June 2018

What I Wish I’d Done Differently as a Data Science Leader
Medium  |  April 2018

How to Be Happy: Experiments in Tracking Mood and Energy
Pebble Research Blog |  June 2016

My writeup announcing the launch of Pebble’s Happiness App and the publication of our fitness algorithms
Kickstarter |  June 2016

Of Haters and Creators: Silicon Valley’s Paradox of Privilege
Unpeeled  |  January 2014

Why I’m not “Special” (and you shouldn’t be, either)
Unpeeled  |  September 2013

Rubber Band Physics
Unpeeled  |  August 2013

Discovery: A Social Networks Math Problem
Unpeeled  |  August 2013

Where in America is Joe Six-Pack?
CBS News  |  October 2008

[Print only] Weekly opinion / pop science column
The Diamondback  |  August – December 2008

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