“Diamonds” – Crab Creek Review, forthcoming 2022

“Reapings” – Pidgeonholes, forthcoming March 2022

“Goodbye Joan” – The Broadkill Review, forthcoming early 2022

“Phantoms” – Ellipsis Zine, forthcoming January 2022

Fruit Flies” – MoonPark Review, December 2021

Chrysalis” – Vestal Review, December 2021

“Midnight” & “The Allegory of the Cave” – Blink-Ink, December 2021 (print only)

“Down There” – Southern Indiana Review, July 2021 (print only)


“When tech execs would rather just not know” – The Boston Globe, December 2018

“Where in America is Joe Six-Pack?” – CBS News, October 2008

Data Science & Research

“How bad numbers are ruining your pitch deck” – Hacker Noon, February 2019

“What I Wish I’d Done Differently as a Data Science Manager” – Towards Data Science, April 2018

“How to Be Happy: Experiments in Tracking Mood and Energy” – Pebble Research Blog, June 2016

“Open, Collaborative, Crowdsourced: Meet the Pebble Health Wellness Platform” – Kickstarter, June 2016


“Vicki Gunvalson is My Oedipus” – Medium, June 2018

Weekly opinion / popular science column – The Diamondback, August – December 2008

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